Chloe Taylor

Chloe is our Sentry test pilot. She’s currently travelling the world competing in the Enduro World series and she is absolutely smashing it. Last year she won two rounds of the national downhill series and came second and third in the two EWS races she entered. She’s just won the Steel City race in our home town of Sheffield and is now on her way out to Italy to compete in the next EWS race. Chloe lives the go big or go home mantra. When she came out to New Zealand with us she spent her time showing up the Lads on the steep stuff shouting "Go Faster!" and drinking her tea from cereal bowls as the mugs were just not big enough!

Ben Crookes

Ben is our long legged grasshopper. You will find him in the local Sheffield woods sending doubles with his trademark effortless style and massive pop. He is one of those guys that just makes it look easy. Tweaked out tables, manuals for days, a super smooth style and he loves a good quiche. We recently sent him out to NZ, he’s the guy producing the goods along with Chloe and Ali in all the new Sentry images.

Kenzie Nevard

Kenzie Nevard is our youngest rider and he is an absolute shredder. He spends his time between Morzine and his local trails at Aston Hill.
We hooked him up with an extra small Bossnut with 24’’ wheels and a set of pikes which he took to his summer trip to Morzine. He then proceeded to hit some of the biggest jumps and clear some of the biggest gaps with ease. As soon as this kid puts his helmet on and get behind the bars of his Bossnut, he is capable of things most of us mountain bikers could only ever dream about.
Next year is going to be a very exciting year for Kenzie and for Calibre as he wants to make it over to Europe for some of the IXS rounds. He also aspires to ride Hardline or Rampage in the future. His style, ambition and skill on two wheels make Kenzie one keep your eye on.
Watch this space!


Ali is our local student shredder, you will see him in most of our ads and smashing it in local Sheffield races such as the Steel City DH. When he is not being distracted putting our new prototypes through their paces he is doing his best to complete his Engineering degree at Sheffield Uni.


Simon is one hell of a dirt jumper, his style is precise and smooth but fast and huge! He joined us after spotting our prototype Astronut dirt jump bike  at the London bike show. He took our demo bike out on the air to the throne box jumps and came back with a grin on his face.

We sent him out a frame after the show and he built it up, flew it out to NZ and bagged 6th place in Crankworx Rotorua! Not bad going, we are very stoked to have him on the team and can't wait to follow his journey.